Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Craft - not to be done while nursing..

Hit Michael's this weekend with Curly in tow. I am new to the crafting world so I figured we'd start small.
Can't be f*cked up.

AlphaMom had this adorable and EASY Valentine's Tic-Tac-Toe idea so Curly and I spent an hour (total) on it.

Notes to anyone trying to replicate this experiment:
  • Wear gloves. Hot glue with a preschooler nearby can be deadly.
  • Pumping while hot gluing can also be humorous. Especially after you've tried nursing the 6-month-old and he attempted to chew on the hot glue gun cord.
  • Balancing the craft tray, the 6-month-old and the glue gun cord along with the excitement of the preschooler...not too easy. Makes the craft not so fun.
  • Preschooler might not want dinner after ingesting so much of the rice while helping you pour it into the "bean bags."

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