Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project 52: Date Night - with a welcome third wheel

Thanks to Papa, BabyDaddy (Trilogy too) and I got a nice evening out tonight. The two older boys were fed and bed and we left around 8. Romantic adventure to The Container Store and then The Cheesecake Factory for some apps and small plate samplings. I could fill up on their pork wrapped dates anytime...

Very nice and relaxing to have time to chat and especially enjoy some two-on-one time with Trilogy who decided to wake up just as the food arrived. It was almost like back in the old days when it was just Curly and us =) We got to talk about grown-up stuff like which car to buy, our veggie CSA and friends we miss. No surprise we also got to laugh at the antics of our boys today (Curly protecting Spike from the geese, Spike letting his balloon go in the parking lot of Color Me Mine) and revisit our united front on discipline. We decided to forego the infamous dessert when Mr. P remembered that we had one last It's-It left in the freezer. And Magic Shell...score!

A shout out to Papa who juggled #1, #2, the two four-leggeds AND a crossword puzzle for 3 hours. I guess it's ok that you ate the last It's-It....

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  1. The container store date night sounds very familiar.

    Glad you got some time together, and I hope you found that perfect swiffer-dispenser.



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