Monday, February 22, 2010

Read Little Man

Since DayOne we've read to the boys. Anytime they ask. Drop everything.
I was at IKEA with a friend recently and found these adorable boxes in a set of 3 (one large, two small) for $2.
So...I bought 5 sets. Hey, you never know when you might wish you had that many to fill a bookshelf or something....$2!

I figured out what to do with the first set pretty quickly. I put the long box in Curly's bed and the two small ones in Spike and Trilogy's cribs. Curly and Spike have their books in theirs and Trilogy (when he can someday) will be able to grab from his lovey and some small chew toys.

The boxes are soft cotton, foldable and extremely flexible. They're also reversible and have a zipper closure on the bottom. I feel very safe having these in the beds with the boys. They also came in red.

It eliminates one extra step when I go to bed - prying a book from Curly's hands or unsticking it from his chin or trying not to laugh at the crease across his forehead when he's fallen asleep on top of The Very Hungry Caterpillar =)

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  1. I am NEVER at Ikea when stuff is that cheap. Great idea to have a basket for the books right in bed. We've got this cascade on the floor right by the bed. Not attractive.


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