Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does this explain why Mom kills them and Dad rescues them?

In our house, if you are an "8-legged" as we call them, you have 2 paths to choose from to determine the remainder of your days:

1) stay OUT of the house and you will survive to spin another web.


2) enter Mom's domain and basically commit suicide. If I find you, I kill you. Even Curly knows that now - one afternoon as I dozed on the couch while he played blocks, he woke me up with a wadded up bundle of toilet paper - "See Mommy. I got the bug."

There is a 3rd option, but I don't like to share involves Mr. P and only if you're lucky will he be the one to find you and put you outside. But if word gets out that you can tempt fate and risk it, I'm afraid we'll be overwhelmed by the WoodStock of 8-leggeds. That's the last thing I need - a bunch of hippy arachnids running around my house all naked and high on illegal websilk.

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  1. Arachnids beware in my home too. It's squishville for you.


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