Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TruKid Rocks! Coupon code too!

In this previous post, I heralded the wonders of TruKid's products. Since ordering a lifetime supply of their Sunny Days sunscreen, I've also added the chapstick, the HeroStick, Happy Face and Body Lotion, Friendly Face Wash and the Bubbly Body Wash. Is there anything else to order?
Oh, yea, the conditioner and shampoo. The former of which I desperately needed until I donated my hair...but should order anyways. But I digress...

While patiently awaiting my order, I received a message on our machine from some girl named Jennifer who was calling about a problem with the security code on my credit card. A day or two later I got around to calling back and she answered the line. I assumed she was some college student working in their shipping department to avoid pole dancing and we casually chatted.

Now picture my jaw dropping to the floor as she mentions that one of her 6 kids is playing on the ground as she's taking my order. A nanosecond passes and my brain realizes that I am talking to none other than THE Jennifer, my ProductCrush, the creator of TruKid.

Holy Moley - she probably obtained the restraining order the next day. I could not STOP thanking her for calling me herself, for creating such a wonderful line of trustworthy products and finally, for giving me a 20% off orders of $25 or more to share with ALL MY FRIENDS.

That means you. So use the money you save to donate to my legal defense fund when I'm arrested for stalking this amazing woman.

Oh, the code. PICK20. That's right. My new BFF loves me so much that she put part of my name in the code.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Are You Raising A Narcissist?

Great article from Michelle (Scribbit) to remind us that "A Star is Born" shouldn't be our kids' first thought.
Ok, so I'm 100% guilty of the photomania. Must. Stop. Now.

Justice-Minded Children

Sunday was the big par-tay for the boys! Lots of fun. More to come on that later. As we gathered in the living room last night to open presents, I talked to Curly and Spike about our ritual of selecting a few (or more) toys or games that they would like to donate to someone or someplace that doesn't have the chance to enjoy as many toys as they do. In other words - give it to someone less fortunate before you open all the other stuff that you are damn lucky to have.

Curly seemed to get the idea. Until he suggested giving his firetruck to his friend, Alden, because Alden didn't have one. Love Alden. Know that he could have one if he wanted to, but he's not the kind of "someone" I was thinking of.

Mr. P and I pondered what we could do to help the boys, at their respective ages, see how they world is full of injustice and how they could play a part in righting some wrongs and making a difference.

Today I came across this post about how to raise justice-minded children. Thought you might like the read too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saving the world. One plastic bag at a time.

Took my mommy (Hi Mommy) out to dinner last night for her birthday (didn't say how old, Mom.) The waitress paused a second when I refused the plastic bag for my take-out container. I told her that I was saving the world one plastic bag at a time. Then she brought me a NEW glass and NEW straw for my iced tea refill....


Anyways...when I can, I try to read Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish. Very motivating. And guilt-inducing at the same time.

Today's post about storing produce without plastic was especially relevant as I looked over this week's CSA stash (huge!). She has a great link to the Berkeley Farmer's Market which recently went plastic free. This awesome pdf file lists out recommended ways to store those coveted items like the kohlrabi that I had to call my CSA coordinator to ask what the heck it was...