Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snack Attack

In an attempt to make our days more spontaneous, I'm searching for ways to ease the departure ritual. I've always re-stocked the diaper bag before putting it away when we get home. That takes 5 minutes off our out-the-door time, but it still can take up to 45 minutes from start to finish to get everyone dressed, shoes on, teeth brushed, snacks and waters packed and loaded into the car.

Mr. waits until I start loading the kids into the car before he hops in the shower. Mostly because he knows it will always take twice as long as I think it will. So much for the last-minute meet-up at the park. I do keep jackets, hats and sunscreen in the car for application at the park but there's nothing worse than pulling up at the roundabout just in time to see the other mom and her kids loading up to head home. Hi....Bye. My friend, Louise, has just started giving me a 15 minute lead time before we meet anywhere. So embarrassing.

I asked my Mommy Book Club friends for some suggestions and the most obvious and easiest one seemed to be keeping a pre-filled snack bag in 1) the fridge and 2) the pantry for grab and go access. I'm working on what to keep in each with this week's grocery run. Suggestions?

But now the NY Times runs this article that reminds me that preping to be able to force food down my kids' throats isn't the best use of my pre-planning time. That's all fine and dandy and I see the point, but, as it says in the article, what SANE mother would willingly want to attempt a park visit without food? Only one who knows the ice cream truck is coming by and tossing out fresh peaches, maybe.

Either way, I appreciate the encouragement to pack healthier items. The idea that snacks must be processed and have a shelf-life of my teaching career is old school. What if in my pre-planning free time, I make my own fruit roll-ups and baked crackers?

Sure...and we'll meet you at the park say around dinnertime?

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