Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Date Night Packs - a brilliant idea!

Tiffay at Simply Modern Mom had a guest blogger, Shauna Thompson who blogs at My Mix of Six. Here is Shauna's wonderful, pre-planned idea to make Date Nights more fun and more likely =)

Can you think of any other ideas that you'd like to share?

Each packet is sealed until the first of the month. Then Stephen opens up the surprise date and we plan on the calendar the date that we are going to go.

Many have asked what some of the dates are. I initially wrote down a list of our favorite dates, ideas from others, ideas from the internet and then dates that I have wanted to do. I put gift cards, pictures of the activity or directions to the date in the packets. Here is a list that might help get you started:

  • Theater tickets. You don’t have to pay the big money, colleges and high schools have amazing productions as well.
  • Free summer concerts in the park mixed with a Subway giftcard
  • Dinner and the movies
  • Temple trip. Just copy your recommend or put in a picture of the temple to show him where you’re going.
  • A favorite fancy restaurant
  • Morning hike followed by breakfast out
  • Frisbee golf at the park with a coupon for dessert
  • Country dancing or any other dancing for that matter
  • Stargazing by a campfire
  • Home spa with a massage and smoothies
  • Walk through an art museum
  • Bike ride with picnic
  • One of each of your favorites. Steve likes sushi – I like chick flicks, so a night of both.
  • Cards or a favorite game in the park
  • Tennis or racquet ball
  • Bowling
  • Laser tag
  • Night out at the library (Steve LOVES to read and I like magazines. It’s a quiet night BUT we are together.)
  • There obviously can be FREE dates. It’s the time spent together, rather than the money spent.

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