Monday, January 18, 2010

Simplicity is in! Toss that bottle!

Life's too short to make too much of a mess. Keep things simple is what my beloved Grandma always says. Course, this woman has 14 grandkids and never forgets an occasion.

Have you seen the website "Simple?" Wonderful entertaining, SAHM moms who also find time for their passions outside of kids. Their reviews are honest and quick to read. Their giveaways are fun and I often find myself regretting having missed the chance. Simple

Here's one that I definitely didn't let lapse - a no bottle shampoo. EthicallyEngineered's NO BOTTLE" Vegan Shampoo and conditioner set. The link to the etsy shop is there as well as the details.

Drea says that the CON to the shampoo is the travel factor, but I've got a plastic soapdish that needs to re-enlist for duty in my travel toiletries bag.

I've been wanting to cut my hair short for awhile and if it will look as shiny after using the product then I'm all in. If it will help me avoid the rat's nests that I often get from using eco-friendly shampoos then anyone who goes out in public with me is all in too =)

Eat this one up!

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