Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chalk it up to fun!

Are you a listmaker? I am. I have a list of my lists. Every cupboard has a list on the inside of it to tell the random stranger in my house what's in that location. These aren't things that I need everyone to know, but it does help my mom when she's trying to find the instant coffee container that she keeps here or my sitter when she's looking for the "blue one with the yellow top" as the 3 1/2 year-old screams next to her.

Through one of the blogs I read, I came across this chalkboard paint, Hudson Paint and was really wowed by their selection of colors. As a teacher, I'm trained to think chalkboards are black and green, green and black. Oh, maybe "grey" when they're not cleaned enough.

It comes in 24 colors, takes only a day to dry and is easy to clean with a damp cloth, or sponge. Paint the walls of the playroom, inside a cleaning closet or under a chair rail in the kids rooms.
$25 a quart for this safe, fun product. Check out their "Ideas" page for some inspiration.

In my next (dream) house, I'm going to make my listmaking even more fluid and put chalkboard paint on the back of a pantry door, in the mudroom and a few playroom walls. I may even paint the wall next to our bed so that Mr. Pickett and I can leave each other love notes or reminders. Ones that can be easily erased when he tells me he's gotten a speeding ticket again.

Visit for colors and where to get.

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