Monday, November 24, 2008

Toddler food ideas from mommies

Who knew there was so much out there for our little ones? I

- cut peaches (cut in little cubes)- blueberries- blackberries- strawberries cut up- watermelon
- cheese cut in small pieces- cooked rice - brown rice conveniently clumps and can be picked up- oatmeal - frozen waffles- bagels with cream cheese- grilled cheese sandwich cut in very small cubes- avocado pieces- trader joe's breakfast bars- pizza cut in small cubes - frozen hash brown patties cut up
- Dr Praeger's veggie pancakes
--Noodles: I know you said he'll eat them this house I have to vary the noodle style.
Ravioli: along the same lines as noodles, but they sell frozen ones with cheese or beef in them. Also, TJs sells the mini cheese filled ones.
-pancakes (fresh or frozen-Krusteaz make mini pancakes)
-veggies -- especially green bean--canned ---*gasp* I know the sodium is high (unless you get no salt added) but they are mushy.
-cucumber --(she sucks on it more than eats---again ONE tooth)
-couscous mixed with anything (cheese, tom. sauce--messy b/c tiny, but ....)
-scrambled eggs or hard boiled
-french toast
-shredded chicken/turkey/pork
-ground turkey/hamburger/veggie burgers
-crackers ( she LOVES the "everything crackers" from TJs)
-PB&J sandwich (but sunflower butter not Peanut butter and "All Fruit" not jelly, but if I wrote SB&F you wouldn't have known what I meant)
-cantelope, diced,
-small pieces of orange
-frozen peas and carrots
-Wacky Mac (spiral different colored noodles with parm cheese)
-homemade french toast, cut into small pieces,
-turkey lunch meat (I get it from Trader Joes or Whole foods so it is not processed)
-spinach and brown rice patties (from Whole foods)
-sweet tamales, cut up
-sweet potato fries (you can get them pre-cut and bake them! Delish)
-Vegetarian Vegetable soup (drain in a sieve, give the veggies and ABC's)
-Edamame beans
-Green beans cut into small pieces and boiled or steamed until they are soft. (She won't eat them if they are firm in the least bit.)
-Lentils (Refridge section at Trader Joes
-Baked Beans or Black Beans-any kind of beans really, but the baked especially because they are sweet.
-Apple "crisps"- I bought them in a pack at Costco-they're basically dehydrated apples.
-Red Peppers cut into strips. She likes them boiled until they are soft, or she just chews on them raw-not much actually goes down the chute, but I figure it will eventually.
-Rice Cakes
-Pickles and Olives-not much nutritional value but she loves them both.
-Tuna Casserole
-Taco meat
-Frozen peas
-Corn on the cob-I just break off a smaller piece and butter and salt it.

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