Monday, November 24, 2008

Diaper bag list

Here's what I have. Keep in mind that you reassess as your child gets older (I carried less once Mr. Mischief turned 1) and depending on how long you're going out for.

I also have a smaller purse that has just the basics that I'll take if we go to just dinner. We also keep a bag in each of our cars with the basics too.

Every time we get home, I refill the bag right away before I put it away. That way we can leave the house ready to go =)

2 diapers for each kid
1 travel size changing pad (I still carry a disposable one for the icky changing tables if I can avoid using my precious pull-out.)
1 change of clothes (lightweight, no jeans, no shoes, incl. socks though)
1 travel size diaper wipes
1 travel size diaper rash cream
1 extra small refillable bottle of sunscreen
1 ziplock bag of snack item
1 nursing cover
1 bottle
1 small toy
1 small book
1 half pint bottle of drinking water
1 snack bar for you
2 one gallon ziplock bags (wrap used diapers, clothes)
2 sandwich ziplock bags
1 lightweight receiving blanket
1 burp cloth
1 sweater/jacket for baby*
1 t-shirt change for you*
1 set of disposable nursing pads*
1 hat *
1 jar of baby food (for emergencies =)**
1 disposable placemat**
1 disposable bib**
1 disposable spoon**

I also have a comb, sample of diaper rash cream, sample of body lotion, sample of shampoo, sample of hair and body wash, kleenex, two tylenol, sample disinfecting wipes, cotton balls, teething tablets, nose-sucker-thingie in the back of the car. These are all in a little bag together that I can take out or toss in easily, if I need to focus on the basics.

*These are optional depending on what you're doing and can be kept in the car.
**These are a recent addition. I used to just carry a cloth bib.

In the trunk of your car, in a separate bag, keep:
1 jacket
1 change of clothes for you both
1 pair of shoes
1 hat
4 spare diapers
1 pack of wet ones
3 gallon ziplocks
3 packs of goldfish crackers
1 pint of unopened water
1 ball
1 heavy blanket
1 roll of paper towels

I also keep a bucket, shovel and umbrella along with my highchair/shopping cart cover with this stuff in a clear plastic tub in the trunk. BabyDaddy thinks it makes me neater and more organized =)

They have special toys for their car seats that just stay out there so I don't have to worry about grabbing one on the way out the door. Nothing too heavy that can become projectile in an accident. Lovely thought, I know!

I'll recommend chiropractors to help you adjust your back after carrying all this in the next post.

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