Monday, November 24, 2008

Feeding stuff

I've sinced checked for BPA-free and all the below are. Yea for us.


here are the non-toxic ones:BornFree Training and Drinking CupAvent Magic CupEvenflo cups with inner liningFirst Years Take & TossGerber Color Change, Sport Fun Grip and Soft StarterPlaytex Sipster, Big Sipster and Quickstraw


We have one so far that's a camo print. It's fabulous for eating out and not messing up his outfits!
The ones with the dots are the cutest I've seen…I just don't know if I want to pay the extra money for fashion when it'll end up covered in carrots eventually...=) (Amazon also sells this one, but I tried ordering it and kept getting the blanket instead…I think they're coding is off.

The Gerber spoons and bowl

The Gerber fork and spoon are on the bottom right

These are great b/c you don't feel guilty if you lose one.

Target sells most of the above too.

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