Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saving the world. One plastic bag at a time.

Took my mommy (Hi Mommy) out to dinner last night for her birthday (didn't say how old, Mom.) The waitress paused a second when I refused the plastic bag for my take-out container. I told her that I was saving the world one plastic bag at a time. Then she brought me a NEW glass and NEW straw for my iced tea refill....


Anyways...when I can, I try to read Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish. Very motivating. And guilt-inducing at the same time.

Today's post about storing produce without plastic was especially relevant as I looked over this week's CSA stash (huge!). She has a great link to the Berkeley Farmer's Market which recently went plastic free. This awesome pdf file lists out recommended ways to store those coveted items like the kohlrabi that I had to call my CSA coordinator to ask what the heck it was...


  1. Ha-ha, yea, I don't know what to do with kohlrabi, it's a vegetable, right?!

    And yep, talk about giving me a big ol' guilt trip...

  2. Sauteed it tonight with 1 tbs of butter and some sugar. YUMMY!!!


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