Monday, May 24, 2010

Justice-Minded Children

Sunday was the big par-tay for the boys! Lots of fun. More to come on that later. As we gathered in the living room last night to open presents, I talked to Curly and Spike about our ritual of selecting a few (or more) toys or games that they would like to donate to someone or someplace that doesn't have the chance to enjoy as many toys as they do. In other words - give it to someone less fortunate before you open all the other stuff that you are damn lucky to have.

Curly seemed to get the idea. Until he suggested giving his firetruck to his friend, Alden, because Alden didn't have one. Love Alden. Know that he could have one if he wanted to, but he's not the kind of "someone" I was thinking of.

Mr. P and I pondered what we could do to help the boys, at their respective ages, see how they world is full of injustice and how they could play a part in righting some wrongs and making a difference.

Today I came across this post about how to raise justice-minded children. Thought you might like the read too.


  1. fire truck? we'll take it! :))

    that's such a cute story. awww

  2. Lucky you - I already took the batteries out =)


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