Monday, April 19, 2010

Repurpose! Giving new life to old crap

If I'm lucky, the Three Musketeers will continue to nap until I finish typing this, but I'm not betting on it, so listen quick....

I'm "nesting." Not sure why. But the bathroom is the victim. I pulled down our travel basket that holds all the travel toothpaste, shower caps, etc. that I want to use before buying new stuff (obviously).

I came across these soap boxes from a fancy hotel Mr. P had a conference at in San Diego last January. Nice hotel. Nice soaps. Nice repurpose.

We never accept the crayons that come with the kids' menus at restaurants because I know they just toss them after you've eaten, whether your kids use them or not. Same with the plastic cups and straws. So we bring our own crayons and IF we forget the boys' Klean Kanteens and have to use the plastic cups I bring them home and give them to the grandparents for use at their houses when we visit.

I had been carrying our crayons in a bigger soap container from the 90's that was heavier and not so chic. We obviously needed an upgrade. Voila! If I was a tad bit cooler, I could use my imaginary Cricut and make a cute label for the box. (Incidentally, I found out this past weekend that it's pronounced like "cricket" not "Cry-cut." Guess I was thinking of Carl's Jr's crisscut fries when I thought about vinyl.
But I can't think what to use the other 3 boxes for just yet... Two are longer and could hold pencils or pens?

(The triangular-shaped crayons are from a Teacher Supply Store and are used to teach the proper finger hold for writing. I have my students put triangular -shaped grips on their pencils as part of an occupational therapy accommodation all the time. You can also get them at your nearest BJ's Pizza =)

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