Sunday, August 31, 2008

WARNING - may cause rash and biting!

Ok, so it's probably not the sunscreen to blame for Mr. Mischief biting his brother's finger three times this week...but I played Sherlock Holmes and it is definitely to blame for the horrible rash he got on his trunk, legs and face.

I used Banana Boat sunblock on him when we went to the HollyGlen pool and was horrified to see he broke out in a rash within two hours.

A week later, I put it on his face in a moment of desperation before dropping him off at childcare. I returned to a red-faced little guy - albeit not miserable or itchy at all, just too pathetic looking for his momma.

Finger pointed. Accusations sent - here's a picture of the monstrous concoction that did it.

Interestingly, I had looked it up on Cosmetics Database and felt "ok" with its score of a 3... which is the only reason I allowed myself to keep the tube until it was empty.

but looking do I know if I have the "2006 formulation" which then scores a 7?

Shouldn't products be labelled if they're going to stalk you like a haunting high school friend on Facebook? Something like - "Class of 06 will make you break out in hives" ????

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