Monday, November 16, 2009

Mommies Gone Wild!

What happens when 5 moms with 12 kids between them go out of town 2 hours away for 24 1/2 hours? Peaceful relaxation, good wine and uninterrupted adult conversations! About our kids, of course, but nonetheless. I forgot how easy it is to leave the kids (and I have a 3 month old, mind you) for just one night and know they'll survive. A relaxed Mommy is the best kind of Mommy. I highly recommend you and a few friends do it.

Spa treatments, dinner, brunch, shopping - not all necessary, but all can be done within a budget. Some suggestions - Get the hotel room on Priceline. Ask if there's a smaller fee to enjoy just the jacuzzi and steam room at the spa. Make dinner out of happy hour specials and bring your own wine to enjoy in the room later.

BabyDaddy even sponsored the first bottle at dinner and earned more bonus points. Another husband made a special "Welcome Home Mommy" meal that got him at least one foot massage, I'm sure.

Despire the looks of horror on our faces as we watched the "Liquid Gold" go down the drain, two of us even pumped and dumped with glee because of the overall feeling of "getting away" in a way that Calgon can't provide.
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