Thursday, November 19, 2009

Caloric intake of sand and someone else's germs?

For the first time in my very short life I went to the park TWICE today.  What a good mom am I.

This morning we joined my friend, Louise, and her kids at the Bluffs park from Hell and after a very early nap 12:30! we met up with our playgroup at the Tot Lot.

W helped himself to a mouthful of sand in the dreaded sandbox at the Bluffs and later, at the Tot Lot, confused someone else's yellow Nuby for his own.

Eck....not that I didn't have the urge to wash his mouth out with CleanWell, but I pondered whether or not I should have freaked out.

Almost as bad as when Curly drank from the toilet on Tuesday...

Maybe I'm not feeding them enough?

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