Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tom's of Maine

I chose it b/c of its score on Skin Deep and other recommendations.

This came from IdealBite recently and is a good analysis of all things Tom....

Are you totally devoted to your toothpaste?
The BiteThe loverly crew at Tom's of Maine is (they're dedicated to your soap and mouthwash too). Over the last thirty-some years, Tom's has perfected an entire line of personal care products that's as eco as possible and has tons of admirers.
Company BackgroundFounded by Tom and his wife Kate in 1970, Tom's goes out of its way in pursuit of planet- and people-conscious profitability - and we're not just talking recycled paper packaging. Even its employees feel the love. Says Media and Public Relations Manager Susan Dewhirst, "I probably couldn't have afforded a Prius without the company's hybrid credit, and the flex hours help me juggle work and my child." New to Tom's: a hops-based deodorant and a sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)-free toothpaste. Try one, and you'll probably be going steady before too long.
Why Care?
The company donates 10% of its pretax profits to charity.
Power use at the Tom's factory is 100% offset via wind energy credits, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of planting 214 trees each year. (It also purchases renewable energy for its offices.)
Its eco-friendly packaging incorporates biodegradable plastic and recycled paper, annually avoiding the use of 2.8 million gallons of wastewater and enough electricity to power a house for 70 years.
Employee benefits include a $4,000 hybrid vehicle credit, 12 paid volunteer days per year, and fresh, organic produce at HQ.
After the FDA required animal testing for all fluoride oral care products in 1995, Tom's was the first company to get FDA permission to use nonanimal testing.
It does not use genetically modified ingredients.
Keeping It RealNot all of Tom's containers are made from all-recycled materials - its toothpaste tubes, for example, while recyclable, aren't made from 100% nonvirgin metal. But, says Dewhirst, "We are working toward 100% sustainability."

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