Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still using water bottles? Stop - Sigg has made it easier to be green

Three BPA-free companies - SIGG, NurturePure, and KidBasix - have each made simple changes to their kids' drinkware post-launch. In the case of SIGG, it makes a good product better; in the latter two, it has transformed a poor product into a good one. Here's how to identify the new and improved version of each cup so you don't get stuck with the "oops" edition.SIGG's kids' cups now come with caps attached to the screw lid with a hinge rather than a simple plastic flap. The old design meant that kids had a hard time keeping the cap out of their faces when taking a drink; now it stays out of the way, as it should. We also think that the twist-to-open design is a bit looser, making it easier for a child to open, but can't prove it.You'll see both the old and new design in online shops, including on, so make sure to buy the new version if you're in the market for a SIGG for your child.

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