Sunday, November 7, 2010

Big Blue? Easy-peasy! Joe's always ready for a challenge!

This week's matchups!

Ladies and Gentleman - with the time change, you now have ONE EXTRA HOUR to vote for Joe Bruin!

Last night, my family and I cheered on the UCLA Bruins to their, literally, last second win over the Oregon State Beavers.  Proof positive that Beavers can't build a dam, our kicker made a last-second field from 51 yards to seal the deal and win the game!  17-14

During the game, I threw out the "Mascot Alumni" card and asked some of the Yell Crew to bring Joe Bruin over for a family portrait.  Always gracious and humble, Joe proudly walked among his fans to our section and gave us a 30-second private audience before wowing the rest of his adoring fans who had lined up for aisles.

Ever so strong, Joe offered to hold all three of the kids himself, but we knew he had to save his energy to take on Big Blue in this week's Capital One Bowl Mascot Challenge.  Have you voted for this studly, family-friendly bear yet?

Do it now - Vote!

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