Thursday, March 11, 2010

There was a farmer who had a CSA and Tanaka was his name-o

I picked up our CSA box again today. Mama is loving those carrots! This week we also have red lettuce, butter lettuce, avocados, parsley, radicchio, some oranges and beautiful green onions.

This past Saturday we were invited to the farm for CSA Day. Lots of fun and very educational for all of us. All "box families" are invited to come down to the farm and select their own veggies to be grilled right there and served for lunch. They had washing stations, seasoning stations and some other veggies to add to the mix.

Despite the looming "storm" and momentary sprinkle, the 12 or so families from our CSA were all cheery and didn't mind the one-hour drive down.

The boys LOVED picking their own food and running up and down the rows looking for the best of the best. I appreciated the extra "grit" I tasted in my beets...genuine Irvine soil. =) Ever since attending they've been asking if everything on their plate came from "Farmer Tanaka." Even the pasta noodles =)

If you don't have the opportunity to purchase produce locally, check out and print EWG's Shopper Guide to the Dirty Dozen to take with you when shopping.

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  1. I can't wait to visit the farm we get our produce from. I think my kids will LOVE it as well!!


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